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nbt test application -steps to follow

nbt test application
nbt test application

nbt test application– from This article contains information about online application process for 2022 as well as steps on how to apply, visit https://nbtests.uct.ac.za/ to Apply nbt test application.

nbt test application

The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) are assessments for first-year applicants into higher education institutions. The NBTs were designed to measure a writer’s ability to transfer understanding of Academic Literacy, Quantitative Literacy, and Mathematics to the demands of tertiary coursework.

The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) were commissioned by Universities South Africa. (formerly Higher Education South Africa – HESA) with the task of assessing academic readiness of first-year university students as a supplement to secondary school reports on learning achieved in content-specific courses.1

The NBTs assess the ability to combine aspects of prior learning in competency areas;

  • Academic Literacy (AL),
  • Quantitative Literacy (QL) and
  • Mathematics (MAT)

 Here are requirements for NBTs Registrations

Below are the listed terms and conditions to apply for the NBTests.

You must have your official ID booklet or foreign passport. You are required to enter your ID number and your name exactly as it appears in your ID booklet.

You will need a unique email address – ie – one that no one else has used to register for the NBTs. This means that each sibling in a family needs their own email address to register.

You also need to check the following before you select the date and test site:

  • Your school’s calendar for sporting and social events, holidays, and exams;
  • Closing dates and application deadlines at all institutions where you intend to apply;
  • The language of instruction where you are applying; and
  • Your transportation options to the test site.
nbt test application
nbt test application

Links to Universities

Every university has its own policies and admission requirements. Check the links below to find out application procedures, deadlines, and NBT guidelines. The NBTP provides tests in Afrikaans on select dates at many of the test sites across South Africa.

The NBTP will provide your results to any university, but only upon written request.

Payments for NBTs Registrations

Costs for the 2021 registrations cycle are as follows;

  • AQL only R100
  • AQL & MAT R200
  • Re-mark R250

All NBT fees must be paid through EasyPay.

nbt test application
nbt test application

Steps How To Register for NBTs

To register for NBTs see the step-by-step guide here,

  1. Your official ID book (if you are not a citizen of South Africa, you will need your passport)
  2. A unique email address.
  3. City and site where you want to write.
  4. NBT requirements from the institutions where you plan to apply.

Note that you can only choose one language; there is no option to write one test in English and the other in Afrikaans.

Learners intending to apply to universities must act responsibly. You must register, pay, and show up on time!

What is the NBT test Application

NBT stands for National Benchmark Test. This is an examination set up by the National Benchmark Test Project. The NBT is a set of tests used to assess a learner’s academic literacy, general knowledge, and mathematical skill in an effort to measure academic readiness for university.

The NBT tests were implemented in 2008 and are managed by the Alternative Admissions Research Project at the University of Cape Town. NBT results are used by many universities as an extra admission criterion for applicants to their institutions. They serve to complement and support, rather than replace or duplicate NSC results.

How much is the NBT test  Application Fee

Go to the NBT website to register. The costs of the tests for the 2021 admission cycle are: R100 for AQL onlyR200 for AQL and MAT.

Here are How to Get NBTs Results

Results are uploaded to writers’ NBT account approximately four weeks after the writing session, by 12 noon on the date listed on the NBT Test Schedule.

To log in, your ID/Passport number, username, and the password created when you registered will be required. Have you forgotten your password? Reset here.

Performance on the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) places your scores into one of three performance levels or benchmark categories. These are; ProficientIntermediate, or Basic.

How Long Are My Results Valid?

NBT results are valid for three years. However, Applicants should enquire with the tertiary institutions/universities to which they have applied regarding their unique admission requirements.Nbt test application

Which institutions will use my NBT results and how do they get them

Which institutions will use my NBT results and how do they get them? All the universities to which you apply can receive your NBT results. Many South African universities use the NBTs in conjunction with the National Senior Certificate (NSC) for access to their programmes. The NBTs help to interpret your NSC results and can be used by universities in different ways.

  • Some use them to help make decisions about your access/application to university. This means that your NBT results, in combination with your matric results, are used to determine whether you are ready for academic study.
  • Some universities use the results for placement within the institution. This means that your NBT results are used to decide whether you will need extra academic support after you have been accepted to university.
  • Some institutions use them to develop curricula within their university.

When you apply to an institution, they will place your name on their applicant list. As applications are processed, they send the NBT Project a request for scores that match the applicants on the list. Universities will only get your results when they request them.

Before you submit your registration to write the NBT, you are asked to check a box giving permission for your results to be sent to the requesting institutions and for your results to be used in research projects. Be sure to read this and check this box before hitting “submit”. Remember, it is your responsibility to check whether your NBT results have been loaded with your tertiary institution.

National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) Contact Details

Telephone: 021-650 3523 and from 7 am-10 am on test weekends
Email: nbt@uct.ac.za


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